The Blue Ticks Ebook

From the UK’s first excusive website dedicated to heartbreak, break-ups and relationships,, Laura has created an accessible ‘go-to’ e-book. After personally experiencing heartbreak, following the unforeseen breakdown of her marriage, Laura felt compelled to provide a simple book containing all the advice and tools she craved when going through relationship turmoil herself. After being abandoned, Laura felt utterly bereft, believing she would never recover from the heartbreak or learn to trust again. Though she did. Through the means of this book, Laura is able to connect directly with you, providing those reading, with advice that she learnt both anecdotally and through training as a qualified relationship coach. Laura’s personal experience of heartbreak sets her apart from other experts, in that she can directly resonate with your current pain and feelings. After coming to terms with her new life, Laura proceeded to qualify as a relationship coach and established, The Blue Ticks to support others. ‘Unbreak My Heart’ offers guidance which helps you to: Handle your heartbreak Build resilience Road to recovery and healing Embracing the ‘no contact rule’ Bespoke access to her online videos

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