I am going to start off by saying – you are 100% normal. I have created The Blue Ticks to support you (or someone you know) during a time when you are feeling incredibly insecure, anxious, or heartbroken. You may have been left on read, going through a break up, abandoned by your husband or bereaved, it really doesn’t matter. All I know is, I was frantically googling ‘how to heal after heartbreak,’ or ‘how to get my ex back’ – no word of a lie nothing grabbed me.
I have helped a range of professionals, including lawyers, physios and accountants, all facing toxic relationships, break-ups and heartbreak – and of course can support you too.

Waking up alone, making dinner for just one, losing all motivation—even simple tasks like getting dressed or eating—become overwhelming.

During my own experience,I just wanted to talk to someone who ‘got it’ with no judgement. Someone who could relate to, support, and guide me through a dark time I genuinely thought I would never come out of.

What we do

  • * Help those experiencing heartbreak
  • * Tips on how to ‘move through’ after heartbreak
  • * Narcissist relationships
  • * Dealing with rejected
  • * Feeling unloved
  • * How to flirt (online and offline!)
  • * Ghosting
  • * Insecurities (anxious whether they are cheating on you)
  • *Not happy with your reactions to things

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Let us help you come out the other side

It was 10 months on when my sister said how great it was to see someone ‘come out the other side.’ Despite some very hard times, I have come through to the other side, and I am living a happier life. I actually like myself now and have built the strongest relationships with the ones who love me the most: my family and my friends.

On The Blue Ticks, you will find plenty of tips on how we can support and help you to heal from heartbreak, abandonment,or loss and make it through the most difficult times.

The Blue Ticks also helps with tips on how to enter the dating scene, how to ‘flanter’, and how to know when you’ve been put in the dreaded friendzone or ‘ghosted’, to name a few. The concept of dating; online or blind dates will be alien to some of you, but hang in there—I promise it’s not as scary and daunting as some of you may think… well, most of the time!

If there is something specific you would like to see on The Blue Ticks, or if you require some personal assistance or advice, please chat with us online or click here.

Remember to never be an option, priorities only!



To receive comfort and guidance from someone who has experienced what I’m going through has been so useful, thank you


I am ‘date repellant’- The Blue Ticks gave me help on which ones to stay away from and that gave me such a confidence boost


My narcissistic ex ‘breadcrumbed’ me for months; I still loved him and fell for it every time. I didn’t think I could love again. The guidance from The Blue Ticks helped me learn to like myself as well as date ‘healthily’


I felt in such a crossroad with my current situation, The Blue Ticks gave me some useful strategies to figure things out so simply, thanks!

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